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Oil and Gas Leases

Shale Gas Law, LLC can represent you in your negotiations for an oil and gas lease or in the interpretation and enforcement of your rights under an existing lease. An Oil and Gas lease is an enforceable contract in which the Lessor (natural gas owner) grants to the Lessee (natural gas producing company) certain rights to develop (produce) the oil and gas underlying a certain tract of land. The lease will have an initial term of years during which the Lessee is given the right to determine whether or not to develop the oil and gas. Many leases also contain a renewal clause at the option of the Lessee. Generally the Lessor is paid a "bonus" for granting the Lessee these rights. The bonus amount is generally based on the number of acres leased and the length of the initial term. If the Lessee does in fact develop the leased premises by drilling a well or wells on the property or any property pooled or unitized with it, then a production royalty is paid to the oil and gas owner. Both the amount of the bonus and the amount of the royalty are items that need to be negotiated before you sign a lease. Please remember that there is no such thing as a "standard lease". Our attorneys can assist you in obtaining an oil and gas lease that optimizes your interests.

Pipeline Rights of Way

Along with the astronomical increase in volume of natural gas production in Pennsylvania comes the need to expand and upgrade Pennsylvania's pipeline infrastructure to move the natural gas to market. Landowners need to be aware of their rights when negotiating with gas pipeline companies. Some pipeline companies may be able to utilize condemnation proceedings while other companies, like gas production companies, may not. The size of pipe (diameter), width of the pipeline right-of-way, line pressure, and the like are all factors that can affect the compensation paid for a pipeline right-of-way. In addition there are also pipelines that can be constructed under the terms of some oil and gas leases without any additional compensation being required. Know your rights with regard to natural gas pipelines.

Compressor Stations/Other Surface Facilities

As a landowner, you may also be approached regarding compressor stations, natural gas processing plants, pig launcher facilities or another type of surface facility desired by a natural gas company on your land. You owe it to yourself to let our attorneys assist you in your negotiations regarding these types of facilities.

Lessor/Lessee Disputes

Carefully crafted lease provisions can go a long way in preventing otherwise foreseeable litigation regarding some of the more arcane provisions of your lease. Even the most professionally tailored lease, however, cannot prevent all litigation. Very often disputes arise as to timely performance under the lease and whether or not operations have been commenced in such a fashion as to indefinitely extend the term of the lease or whether performance has been excused by factors beyond the control of the lessee. In addition, disputes may arise as to whether or not a landowner's acreage has been held by production due to activities commenced on other acreage with which the landowner's acreage has been pooled. Noncompliance by the Lessee with the terms of the lease is also a major source of disputes. These and other issues not only influence how long your lease remains in effect, but can ultimately determine the economic value of your lease. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience addressing these issues both in and out of Court and stand ready to put that experience to work for you.

Need a professional in your corner? Remember, there is no such thing as a "Standard" lease! 

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