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Shale Gas Law, LLC

        Shale Gas Law, LLC was formed on the premise that landowners/mineral owners deserve the same high level of legal representation as the big oil and gas companies.  With over a half a century of legal experience between them, Attorneys Kimberly J. Gallagher and Dennis E. Shean provide their clients with high quality legal services that optimize their ability to market their properties and promote their best interests.  Unlike others who may have divided interests, Shale Gas Law, LLC solely represents landowners/mineral owners in their negotiations and dealings with natural gas and oil companies, including:

         Whether or not you have been approached about your oil and gas rights, please call Shale Gas Law, LLC at 724-337-1690 or go to our Contact Page for more information on how we can assist you.

         It will be a pleasure to assist you.  Our services are exceptional, but our fees are not.